Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free, podsafe, and "copylefted" music on the web

This post is supplemental to my BlogTalkRadio show Off the Beaten Path in Technology which will run this evening (Tuesday May 11, 2010_ at 6:30 PM EDT

The show is going to feature podsafe music (music which can be freely used in podcasts),  and free and copylefted music (music distributed under a license similar to software's GNU General Public License, or GPL).  I'm going to play selections from two particular sites I've explored (there are actually quite a few more sites which I'll feature and explore on later shows. 

Those sites are the Free Music Archive based at WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, and Dogmazic, a French free music site which is part of what may be the cutting edge movement within free music internationally.

The Free Music Archive is a project of WFMU, a pioneering radio station in music licensed under terms which allow freedom of copying, distribution, and air play.  It has music available in a number of genres, and much of the material is such high quality that it deserves attention not only from those of us committed to freedom as an aspect of copyrights, but by all music lovers.

Dogmazic is a major free music download manager in France.  Much, but not all,  of the material is in French.  The site has music from all over the world, and is a treasure trove for anyone who loves to browse and listen to interesting international music in a number of genres.

I hope you listen to my show this evening (or if you can't, visit later and listen to the archived copy.

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