Monday, August 16, 2010

An outline of Oracle America v Google

I'm approaching this article (which is really a series of articles) differently from my typical linear set of postings.  This outline article will undergo edits as the entire series develops.

Since my goal is mostly to present the information necessary to follow this important lawsuit, I've written an outline of my future posts, which I present here.  As I get each article finished and published I'll turn each article into a link to the published article.  So if you find these article useful you might want to go back and bookmark this outline.

I won't necessarily finish the articles in the order in which they appear in the outline.  The inflow of information will dictate the order.

Here are the things I view as important to understanding the lawsuit.

  1. The Players 
  2. The Technology
    • Android
    • Java
    • Dalvik
  3. The details of the filing
  4. The Law
    • Patent Law
    • How patent lawsuits are handled
    • Copyright law
  5. The Ethics
  6. Possible impacts
  7. The patents at issue

If you think I'm missing some component to understanding this case post a comment here.  If you think I'm in error in a particular article post a comment to that article.

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