Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Minix 3 and bochs configuration progress report

I just wanted those of you who are following my Minix 3 articles to know that I'm still working on getting Minix 3 running under bochs.  Some household duties have made the project slow going, but I expect to have some time freed up by next week.  The snag is still the same.  Minix runs in text based terminal mode, but X windows silently dies on me.  After I've made a good faith effort to figure the problem out myself I intend to post notes on the bochs and X forums to see if I'm dealing with a known problem.  So if you've been reading the Minix 3 articles don't give up.  They will resume soon.

1 comment:

  1. I just installed:


    with the qemu at Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This was at once working:

    sudo apt-get install qemu

    then doing the Image as written at the minix3.org.
    sudo qemu-img create ...

    Then I used the starting from CDROM command from the minix3.org description. Confusing: Your realy need to burn the ISO itself at the CDROM, not burn the image as you are accustomed to. And then correct the minix.iso into the right iso-name as it is at the CDROM.

    Then it is booting and working well. Standard Installation at the partion part, not expert!

    But, I selected #5 as NIC -> Realtek 8029 as written in documentation and with DHCP. This not seams to work, the system not pulls an IP, altough DHCP-Server exist in network. Probably I need change the nic-Parameter at the qemu-starting command.

    In Qemu, you get keyboard and cursor out with "Ctrl-Alt"